Thursday, 7 June 2012

How to use Gcd Calculator

In the previous post we have discussed about How to use LCM Calculator and In today's session we are going to discuss about How to use Gcd Calculator, By GCD, we mean greatest common divisor. If we want to learn about the divisor of the given numbers, we mean that   the greatest divisor, which is divisible by all the given numbers.  To learn about gcd, we will first find the factors of the given numbers. We must ensure that the factors of the given number should be all prime factors. Now we will pick the factors of the given number such that  they are common to both the numbers whose gcf is to be calculated.  In case the gcf is one, the two numbers are not having any of the common factors. We use gcf to find the lowest form of the fraction numbers, rational numbers or the ratios. It simply signifies that the two numbers whose gcf is 1, cannot be divided by the same number. We must remember that the  gcf of two prime numbers is always 1
 Suppose we want to find the gcf of 9 and 12
Here we will first find the prime factors of 9 and 12. So we say that the prime factors of 9 = 3 * 3 * 1 and the prime factors of  12 = 2 * 2 * 3 * 1
 In both the prime factors we find that the numbers 1 and 3 are the prime factors of both the numbers. So  1 * 3 is the gcf  of  9 and 12.
 We can also use gcd calculator to practice the problems based on gcd and understand its logics clearly.  If we want to learn about the Central Tendency, we can take online help from the math tutor which is available online every time. To know more about the contents of CBSE syllabus we will visit the site of CBSE and collect the recent information to update our self.

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