Friday, 6 July 2012

prime factorization calculator

Prime factorization defines as a process in which a number is expressed in form of its prime factors. First we have to know about the prime factors that are numbers which have only two factors that are 1 and itself means numbers which are only divided by 1 and itself are known as prime numbers. So when we want to do prime factorization , It will be expressed in the multiplication form of prime numbers.

For process of prime factorization there is an on line tool that is known prime factorization calculator. It will help in calculation of prime factorization in easy and effective manner. It gives the perfect result quickly. It internally follow all the rules of prime factorization that is also called as integer factorization. We can calculate prime factorization of a number just by entering it into the text box of calculator and by clicking on the submit button. It provide the appropriate answer without delay.

It will be explained by an example as if there is a number 15 then prime factorization is calculated as divide the number by smallest prime number that will divide it that is 3 means 15 / 3 = 5 so first prime factor is 3 and 5 is itself a prime number so it can not be further divided, so prime factorization of 15 is 3 * 5. So it is a way of finding prime numbers that generate the original number when multiplied together.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Prime Factorization Calculator

Prime Factorization is the way of finding prime factors and prime factors are the numbers that are only divided by one or itself. These prime factors are whole numbers that are greater than one.
When we talk about the prime factorization it is describe as a process in which find the multiples of a given number that are in form of prime number.
We can explain it as 6 can be prime factorized as 2 * 3 .Both 2 and 3 are prime numbers and these are factors of 6 , so it is called as prime factorization. (want to Learn more about Prime Factorization, click here),
There is an on line tool that is known as Prime Factorization Calculator used for calculation of prime factors of given number. In Prime Factorization Calculator there is a text box in which user enter number of their choice and calculator will find prime factorization easily and accurately. It is a very time efficient tool that provide the answer of given problem related to prime factorization quickly.
Internally it follows all the rules of finding the prime factorization. We can describe all the rules related with the process of prime factorization that are as follows:
In the first step check that by which number given value is divided by using the division rule.
And in next step divide number and check whether quotient is prime or not ,if not then it will further divided by the prime number using the division rule.
At last when the generated quotient is a prime number than show all prime factors in multiplication form.
If we have a number 12 then it prime factors are first divide it with 2 that gives 6 and it is also divide by 2 that gives 3 and 3 is prime number and it will not further divided so the prime factorization of 12 is 2 * 2 * 3.
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