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Adding Fractions Calculator

Fractions are the numbers which can be expressed in the form a/b , where a is called the numerator & b is called the denominator of the fraction . Numbers, in Mathematical terms can be added, subtracted, multiplied & even divided. Thus, we can do any of these on fractions as well; they being numbers. Here, we will learn about Adding Fractions Calculator.
As we are already familiar with the term addition of numbers, we will extend the same to addition of fractions now. Addition means more or something increased by. So, when we add fractions, we increase them actually of find a fraction one more than the other.
Now let us recall that fractions may be like or unlike depending whether the denominator of the given fractions is same or not. If the fractions have same denominator, we call them like fractions; else they are unlike fractions.
Adding like fractions is quite simple. We just have to add the numerators of the fractions to be added & give the denominator of the fractions given to the sum of numerators so obtained. Thus, if we have to add 5/9 & 2/9 , we observe that the fractions are like . So, we will just add the numerators and we get 5/9 + 2/9 = (5+2)/9 =7/9.
But, when we have to add unlike fractions, we first need to find the LCM of the denominators of the fractions to be added; thereafter making the given fractions like by taking their equivalent fractions with LCM as the denominator of all the fractions to be added. Next, we proceed like addition of like fractions. e.g., 1/6 + 2/5; these are unlike fractions & the LCM of denominators 6,5 is 30. Thus, changing the fractions to those with denominator 30, we get 1/6=5/30 & 2/5=12/30. Now, adding them we get 1/6+2/5=5/30+12/30 = (5+12)/30=17/30
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