Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Degree of Polynomial

In the previous post we have discussed about How to deal with Polynomials and In today's session we are going to discuss about Degree of Polynomial. We know that the polynomial is the combination of the terms joined together with the sign of addition or subtraction. (know more about Polynomial, here)
 If the Polynomial has only one term we call it a monomial. If there are two terms in the polynomial, then we say that the polynomial is called the binomial and the polynomial with three terms is called trinomial. The polynomial with more than three terms is simply called the polynomial. By the term degree of polynomial, we mean the highest power of the term among all the terms in the given expression. If we have the polynomial 2x + 3x>2 + 5 x>4, then we say that the term 5x>4 has the highest power. SO we say that the degree of the polynomial  2x + 3x>2 + 5 x>4, is 4. On the other hand if we have the polynomial 4x + 3, here the degree of thee polynomial is 1 as the power of x in 4x is maximum, which is equal to 1.
 We must remember that if the degree of the polynomial is 1, then we call the polynomial as the linear polynomial. In case the degree is 2, then the polynomial is quadratic polynomial and if the degree of the polynomial is 3, then the polynomial is called the conical polynomial. Here we write 2x + 5 is a linear polynomial,  5x>2 + 2x  +5 is a quadratic polynomial; and 2x>3 + 5x>2 + 4x + 8 is a cubical polynomial.
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