Monday, 18 June 2012

How to deal with Polynomials

In the previous post we have discussed about Factoring Trinomials and In today's session we are going to discuss about How to deal with Polynomials.  In mathematics, there is a term algebra in which we studied about the statements that express the relationship between the things. In the algebraic notation, relationship between the things can be described as a relationship between the variables and operators that are vary over time. In the same aspect polynomials also consider as a part of algebra that deals with the real numbers and variables. Through the polynomials we can simply perform the basic operation like addition, subtraction and multiplication with the variables. In a more appropriate way we can say that polynomial is a combination of different types of terms with different mathematical operators.   (know more about Polynomial , here)
 In the standard definition we can say that polynomial is an expression that contains the combination of number and variable into it with basic operations and positive integer exponents. In the below we show how to we represent the polynomials into algebraic expression:
3ab2 – 4a + 6
In the above given algebraic notation 3ab2, 4a, 6 can be consider as a terms through which we perform the basic operation that is addition and subtraction. In the above 3, 4 and 6 can be consider as a constants and ‘ab, a’ can be consider as variables. The power of two with the variable ab can be consider as positive exponents. In the other aspect exponents value describe the degree of the term. It means in above notation the term 3ab2 has a degree of 2. In the absence of exponent value we can take the degree of term as a one. Basically in mathematics polynomials are used for describing relationship between the numbers, variables and operations that generate some values. The output of polynomial expression helps the students to get the value of unknown variables. In the study of algebraic expression the concept of polynomial can be categorized into three categories that is monomial, binomial and trinomial. In mathematics Definite Integral can be consider as part of calculus which is used to integrate the function's values between upper limit to lower limit. The ICSE board books help the students to make their study according to their syllabus that are conducted by the Indian certificate of secondary education.

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