Monday, 7 November 2011

Learn Polynomial functions by taking help of Tutorvista

In mathematics, problems are represented in expression form on which standard principles of math are applicable. The major part of mathematical problems is represented in form of any polynomial function. A polynomial is a mathematical expression which may consist of various derivatives of various orders which are related with each other by arithmetical operators to form an math expression.

The standard form of any polynomial is as:

cnyn + cn-1 yn-1 + .......................+c2 y2 + ….... + c0y0

The standard form consists of derivatives of only one variable, but as the name suggests “poly” means many ,  and “nomial” means terms, it means polynomial may consist of derivatives of different variables in it. According to this property polynomial equations are further categorizes as: monomial, binomial, trinomial and so on. Every polynomial function consist of different terms, factors, variables and constant integers coefficients. If two numbers or variables are combined through addition or subtraction operator then they form a term and if the degree of all those terms is same then they are said to be like terms otherwise unlike terms. The numbers are multiplied or product of two numbers is used in a polynomial than that part of it is known as factor. Variable is a symbol which represents the value which may change and constant is a fixed numerical value.

Let's see few examples of polynomial equations to explore more about it:

y – y2 = 2 (a Monomial equation)

x + y = 2 (Binomial equation)

x + y - z = 1 (Trinomial equation)

All the algebraic equations like linear equations, quadratic equations, etc and they are different kind of polynomial equations also and for solving these polynomial equations the variables of the functions should be replaced by appropriate numerical value which will satisfy the equation in the end. To learn more about this topic switch to tutorvista.

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