Thursday, 17 November 2011

How to tackle 8th grade Polynomial Functions

In my opinion, Polynomial functions are one of the interesting areas of studies but sometimes it comes with so much complexities that it becomes quite a bit difficult to solve them. So the most necessary thing to understand is that we need to practice it a lot and it requires full concentration while solving it. Polynomial is basically a term which deals in almost every type of mathematical equations or statements. The most common terminologies used in polynomial expressions comes in eighth standard mathematics are monomial, binomial and trinomials. Algebraic equation with all variables having whole number, exponents or powers are called polynomials. The expressions in which the power of variables are negative and which include rational numbers are not polynomials. Algebraic expression having single term is known as Monomial and expression with two terms are known as Binomial whereas expressions with more than two terms or having three terms are known as Trinomials.

Now lets talk about Polynomial Functions. A polynomial functions p is basically a function or an expression that can be formed by combining the variable and some constants by a finite number of additions, subtractions, and multiplications.

A polynomial equation comes with the sum of the power of same derivatives and includes different integer constants, while the derivatives used are finite in numbers. The standard form of any polynomial equation is as:

bn yn + bn-1 yn-1 + ….......................+. b2 y2 + ….... + b0 y0

Lets take some examples of Polynomial Equations to understand it better.

Function p (x) = x2 – 3 is a polynomial of degree 2. in standard form it can be represented as : a2 = 1, a1= 0 and a0 = -3.

An example to show a non polynomial function is P (d) = 1/d. This function becomes arbitrarily large for values of d close to zero and no polynomial does that.

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