Friday, 21 October 2011

Polynomial Functions, Binomial, Trinomial

A polynomial is a mathematical expression that involves a sum of powers in one or more variables multiplied by the co-efficients. When we define the polynomial in one variable it is called as the univariate polynomial with constant coefficients and it is given by the formula:

anxn+.....+ a2x2+ a1x1+ a0x0,

Monomials contains the individual summands with the coefficients. Here, an≠ 0. n is the degree of the x and a is the constant.

Polynomial functions may contain multiple powers of x, but its degree is calculated on the basis of highest power. Let's take an example to understand how to calculate the degree of polynomial functions.

5x2+ 7x3+ 8x+ 1,

in this expression, we are having three values of 'x', that is x , x2and x3.

In this case the degree of x = 3 as the highest power of x in the expression is three.

Do you know what are binomial functions? No, relax i will tell you, binomial are those polynomial functions that contain two variables or we can say it contains two terms . The binomial x2– y2 can be factored as the product of two other binomials that is:

x2– y2= (x+y)*(x -y). The product of binomial terms is called as binomial product.

For example: x+5, 2y+7, etc.

Now, lets talk about trinomial it is a polynomial function that consists of the three terms or monomials.

That means it includes the three variables. Any expression containing three terms is defined as the trinomial expression. For illustration: 4x + 6y -3z it Is a trinomial with three variables x, y, z. Do you know what is trinomial equation, it involves three terms. For example x = y+zm is trinomail equation. you can learn more about all the topics using online help.



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