Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How to use polynomial functions

A polynomial function is mathematical expression which involves a sum of powers in one or more variables are multiplied by coefficients. Polynomial Functions are easy to understand, low degree Polynomial equations can be simplified explicitly. A polynomial function in independent variable 'y' is function of f(y), which is given be a formula:

anyn+......+ a2y2+ a1y1+a0.

Here, an,a2,a1, a0 are the real numbers, and these are the coefficients of the variable y. We assume that an≠ 0. The number n shows the degree of the polynomial function.

The individual summands with the coefficients generally included are called as monomials whereas the product in multivariate case i.e. with the coefficients omitted are called terms. Let's take any polynomial equation

3x + 1=0,

This polynomial equation has degree 1, as the highest power of x is 1. Since the degree of equation is 1, it is a linear equation. In the same way the degree of Polynomial equations are determined.

Do you know what are Quadratic equations? Quadratic equations are defined as the polynomial equation having degree as 2, means power of x is 2. Quadratic equations are of form ax2+ bx +c = 0, where, x is a variable and a,b,c are constants and the value of a ≠ 0. For solving Quadratic equations we mainly use two methods one is factorizing and other is quadratic equation formula. In the first method we try to find factors and the quadratic formula is given as:-

using this formula we can solve almost every quadratic equation.

In algebra we spend lots of time in solving Polynomial equations or factoring polynomials. So you must be strong in solving Polynomial equations. For this, you can take online help. Online help is easy to use and it offers lots of services to you.

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