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polynomial factoring calculator

Polynomial expression can be defined as any equation contain constant value, variables and exponent values joined by mathematical operators. Exponents values can be 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ….etc. For example: 9xy2 – 3x + 7y3 – 20. In mathematics, Polynomial expression can also have negative and fraction values. It cannot be joined by division operator.
Polynomial factoring calculator is a mathematical tool that help us to solve hard problem very easily. Those are unknown about polynomial factor can also find the factor of polynomial. Let’s understand some steps to find the factor of polynomial expression.
Step 1: First enter the polynomial expression in the text box.
Step 2: In other word put the coefficient of square, cube in one text box and coefficient of ‘x’ in other text box and the constant in last text box.
Step 3: Then enter the solve button to get the result.
Using these steps we can find the factor of polynomial expression. (know more about polynomial factoring calculator, here)

Now we will understand how to find Factoring Polynomials. We can find the polynomial expressions factored by two methods i,e. direct method and by quadratic method. Here we will understand quadratic to find polynomial expressions.
Let’s take a polynomial expression u2 + u – 4, we can factorize this polynomial as mention below:
We can find its factor by quadratic formula. Formula to find factors is given as:
U = -b + √ (b2 - 4ac) / 2a, here value of 'a' is given as 1, value of 'b' is given as ‘1’ and value of 'c' is given as ‘-4’. So put these values in formula.
U = - 1 + √ [(1)2 - 4(1) (-4)] / 2(1),
U = - 1 + √ (1 + 16) / 2,
U = - 1 + √ (17) / 2. So, here we get two factor of this expression, one positive and other negative.
U = -1 + √ (17) / 2 and U = -1 - √ (17) / 2.
This is how we can find the factor.
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