Sunday, 12 February 2012

Math Blogs on Solving Trinomial Multiplication

Mathematics is an interesting subject when all the concepts of the problem are very well understood and questions become easier to solve. In the mathematics there are several rules, theorems and method to solve the problem in a mean time. Previously we have discussed about antiderivative of cos2x and In today's session we are going to discuss about Solving Trinomial Multiplication which comes under ap secondary education board, In  general meaning solving the trinomial equation is referred to as factorizing (or factoring) the trinomial. factoring trinomials is very easy to understand and easy to solve the problem.
    Factoring the trinomial equation is the part of algebra , before performing the factorization user must be aware of fluent addition and multiplication practices. Here is the example given below which shows the basic step of Solving Trinomial by Multiplication. (Know more about Trinomial in broad manner, here,)
  example          X2 + 10X + 16
In above example, we can see that an equation with three variables are known as trinomial equations. In this equation we deal with 10x. To solve the trinomial we have to factor the 10x in two parts in the manner whose multiplication get equals the multiplication of  X2  and 16. Here we show you how to solve the problem.
              X2 + 10X + 16  ( here multiplication of X2 and 16 is 16X2)
Here we partitioning the 10x in two parts which satisfying the above condition.
             X2 +  8X + 2X +16    here we can see that factoring the 10X into 8X and 2X perfectly satisfy the above condition, which is multiplication equals to 16X.
 Now move forward, we take common value form the first two and last two equations.
     X(X + 8) + 2(X + 8)
     (X + 8) (X + 2) that’s our final answer means solution of Trinomials equation.
In the next session we are going to discuss Binomial Expansion  and if anyone want to know about Math Blog on Estimating Quotients then they can refer to Internet and text books for understanding it more precisely.    


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